Ziyun Zou, a photographer, was born in China and is based in London. She graduated from Istituto Marangoni, Italy with a BA degree in fashion design. After graduation, she went to New York to study photography. Now she majors in photography at the Royal College of Art for MA. Presently, her work "I AM FINE, Not Completely Falling Apart" is an ongoing long-term project. Most of her works take the retrospect and memory of childhood as a point of development, thinking about the fragile nature of human beings, and "fragility" is the most critical word that have been repeatedly reflected in all the works. Some personal experiences and fantasy brings her to the deep thought about the current human situation, the human environment or different groups, characters in the whole society, and tripping out from the "herself" try to find "the same kind" or "other people" who resonate with each other. And her works involved research on philosophy and psychology.
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